Why I Sell at Just Between Friends Fort Worth {Plus a Giveaway!}

I have shared a couple time about how much I love Just Between Friends Fort Worth. Today I'm sharing with you why I sell my gently used toys, gear, and clothes at JBF. So here's my top five reasons that I sell with JBF Fort Worth!

1. JBF Fort Worth is the largest consignment sale in Texas! It's located at the Will Roger's Memorial Center. And the sale is HUGE! The best way to describe it is that it's like a Costco filled with great deals on wonderful kids' items! Because the sale is so big, people come from all over the area to shop. That means more shoppers to see, and buy, my items.

2. I get more money when I sell at JBF Fort Worth. I've tried consigning my items at a couple of local shops. While they're convenient because they buy year round, I get far, far less from them. At JBF you can earn between 60 and 70% of what you sell your items for (depending on if you volunteer or not). There's a $12.50 consignors fee as well. I average over $100 a sale for selling mostly clothing that my two year old has outgrown that season. I get to buy my daughter everything she needs for the upcoming season plus have money to spare!

3. I love that JBF Fort Worth wants to be a community partner. Its a big part of why I choose to sell with them.

JBF Fort Worth is a great way to give back to back to local community programs. When you tag your items for selling, you can select to either pick up or donate items that were not bought. I've always selected to donate all my items. I figure if I'm trying to sell something, its unwanted clutter in my house. Rather than going and picking up unsold items, having them sit in my house for months, and eventually breaking down and giving them to the Goodwill (whom I wholly support as a wonderful community organization), I'll let JBF do the work for me. At the end of every sale, JBF Fort Worth loads up a big old truck load of items to be donated to some wonderful partner organizations. These organizations help young mothers, victims of domestic violence, and others who could use children's items. You can learn more about who JFB Fort Worth donates to at their websites: Open Arms, Teen Lifeline, and Fort Worth Metro.

In addition to donating to partner organizations, you can also give back through shopping for a child on the Wall of Wishes. The Wall of Wishes is kind of like The Giving Tree or Angel Tree. Local organizations make wishes of items that can be found at the sale. You can purchase the item and JBF Fort Worth will take care of making sure the donations get into the right hands.

4. Kids need some stuff. And kids want stuff. And mommies and daddies think things are cute so they buy more stuff. Don't even get me started on the amount of stuff grandparents buy...even when they're asked to scale it back! JBF time is a great time for me to get a handle on the amount of stuff we have floating around our house. Toys that my kiddo has barely touched? Sell! Clothes that she's outgrown and I don't have a sentimental attachment to? Sell! Ugly outfit I had to keep because my MIL bought it and then the kid wore it once? Sell! I'm not very good about letting go of things. Sorting through all of my kiddo's stuff is a great exercise in letting go of stuff that's just stuff. Sure I hold onto everything that my mom (who passed just before my daughter was born was bought). But I'm learning that cute isn't as good of a reason to hold on to something. Especially when I could make some money!

Which leads me to my last point....

5. I make money! Sure it takes time and effort to get everything ready to sell. I know that my time is valuable. Being a mom and a Master's in Social Work student, I highly value my time. But I think prepping is worth every minute when I get my consignor's check in the mail! We're currently living on one income while I work on my degree. Thankfully, we do not want. Except that I wouldn't mind going to a movie every once and a while. Or a weekend getaway! I pinch pennies and see what ways I can find to bring in some money for entertainment. After I've bought for the next season, there's always some left over from my check. Sometimes its enough for us to go out to dinner. Sometimes it covers a fun outing that we wouldn't otherwise take. But I always feel a sense of accomplishment that I was able to cloth my kid, reduce the overwhelming amount of kiddo stuff in the house, and have some cash left over to treat my husband and I to something wonderful. I know other moms make HUGE checks. Its all about how much you have to sell!

Want to give selling a shot? Check out the selling page over at JBF's website! Want to shop? Let's be honest...who doesn't! Check out the full calender here!

The wonderful people at JBF Fort Worth are offering one lucky reader a $15 gift certificate for use at the Fall/Winter Sale. What the what! $15 goes sooooo far at this sale! Use the Raffelcopter below to enter!

Some details: the $15 gift certificate is valid only at the JBF Fort Worth's Fall/Winter sale. The winner will pick up the certificate at the sale itself. The winner will be notified via email and have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Folks, this post counts as my volunteer hours. This let's me into the sale a bit early. Also, JBF Fort Worth has compensated me for the post. However, both the opinions and words in this post are my own. I truly get giddy talking about the wonders of this sale. I would not work with them if I wasn't in love. More questions? Check out my disclosure page!

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