Monogram Home Decor Tutorial

I shared this little guy last week at The Grant Life. I wanted to make sure you all got a chance to check it out.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the wedding reception of one of my husband's coworkers. They had a beautiful, intimate ceremony on some island off the cost of Mexico. About a month later, they invited extended family and friends to celebrate with them at a great little venue with a breathtaking view of downtown. We were honored to be included.

With the rush {and cost} of Christmas, I put off looking at their registry until far too close to the reception. By the time I looked over the list, it was picked clean. So, I decided to save a ton of money and make something personal.

A quick look around the bride's Pinterest and a survey of my own supplies and I was off to Joann's. I knew the bride was big on monograms and that they used muted colors in their home. So, I picked up about a 12 inch cardboard B {the couple's last name} and was all set.

I used some of a paint sample I had on hand from my kitchen wall stencil project. The color is Squirrel from Behr. Two coats on all sides of the letter and it was set to be decorated. I used my blow dryer on cold to speed up drying time.

Now, for jazzing up the monogram...

Felt has to be one of my favorite crafting materials. It's super affordable and it comes in tons of colors. I never seem to use up an entire sheet for a project so there's always a rainbow of felt hanging out in my stash.

Felt pom flowers are quick to make and only take a small strip of felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Start out by cutting a strip of felt two inches wide by the length of the felt sheet.

Next, hot glue a very thin strip along the very bottom of the length of the felt. Then, fold in half {hot dog style}.

Use very sharp scissors to snip the loop of the felt down to the hot glue {but don't cut the glue}. Cut every 1/4 inch or so.

Now, roll your flower up and secure using hot glue.

For the cream-ish roses, I made felt roses similar to this post. I used the bottom of my water bottle and a roll of washi tape as templates to create my circles.

Use hot glue to secure your flowers to your letter and your set.

Depending on your stash, you could easily make this personalized present for just a couple of bucks. Even needed to buy all the supplies, you're still looking at less than $10 for a one of a kind present for the bride and groom {or your living room!}

Come party with me!

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