The Fancy Fancy Dress

Here's another one from the spring/summer sewing spree.

Emma calls Fancy Nancy "Fancy Fancy." It cracks me up too much to correct her. I miss the days when she said that cars go "weeeeee." No need to hurry her along with this one.

So, this dress has been deemed the Fancy Fancy dress. She wants to wear it All. The. Time. That's a win in my book. Once she's in it, she wants to nap or sleep in it. She wants to ride her tricycle in it and play in the mud in it. Unfortunately, its just a little too cumbersome to let her go on too many adventures in. I'd prefer it to stay in one piece for awhile longer.

I used The Cottage Mama's Party Dress pattern, halving the width of the sash. The instructions are well written with very proper sewing techniques. This isn't my first rodeo with Cottage Mama patterns. I've sewn a couple from her book. I tend to be a much lazier sewer and skip some of the "right" ways. This time, I followed her instructions to the letter. I didn't see a lot of difference with some of the things. However, running two gathering stitches may or may not have change my life. Mind blown!

The fabric is Michael Miller's The Little Starlettes in Navy and Coral. Please ignore the crooked line of heart buttons. I'd like to be able to say I've fixed the problem. Not so much...

Lindsay made this party dress into a top. I think I might give that a shot. I figure it will have all the fancy that Emma loves in a much more play friendly length.

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