A Pretty Little Pinafore

Today is another installment in my catching up on posting past projects. This little pinafore is just so sweet. I wish I had made Emma pinafores each summer! Not only are they great for the 100 degree, 1000% humidity days we have have, they layer well over long sleeved shirts in the winter!

I picked up both of these fabrics from a local yarn shop that experimented in carrying fabric. Apparently it didn't go well. When I stopped in, they were having a 30% off sale to clear out the inventory. Said inventory hadn't changed in more than a year. They even had a little bit of Flea Market Fancy that I was able to snag! I don't have the selvedge from the print, but I'm pretty sure it was Art Gallery. It feels too good not to be. The lining is Kona.

I got the pattern from Etsy. It's sized only for 3t. The 3t is still fitting pretty well. I think I can just print it scaled up a bit to eek out the next size or two. 

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