Laptop Case Tutorial {or one stylish ride}

I first shared this tutorial over at The Ribbon Retreat. I was provided with materials in exchange for a tutorial. Please see my Disclosure page if you have questions.

I was fortunate enough {and very surprised} to get a Macbook Air from my dad for Christmas. I take my computer to work with me every day. So, I knew it needed a cute, safe ride. I couldn't find a laptop case I liked, so I decided to make one. Making your own laptop case takes about 2 hours and opens up a whole world of fabric choices!

Want to make your own? You'll need:
1/2 yd exterior fabric
1/2 yd lining fabric
1 yd double fold bias tape that coordinates with the exterior fabric
3 inches 3/4 inch sew on velcro
Basic sewing supplies
Padding {I used thin Neoprene padding bought off the giant rolls from Joann's.}

First, we need to cut everything. I'll give you the measurements for my 13 inch Macbook Air as well as give you instructions for figuring out your own measurements.

Let's start with the padding. Measuring your computer's width {the short side}. Mine is 9 inches. Then, lay your laptop on the padding and wrap it around it. You'll make a computer sandwich between the padding along the length. You'll cut your padding out 9 inches by however much padding it took to make that computer sandwich {mine was 29 inches}. I cut two rectangles to double the padding.

 On to the fabric. For the width of the fabric, you'll add two inches to your computer's width. For my computer, that was 11 inches. Then, take your fabric and wrap it around the computer and padding, length wise. You'll want to measure how much fabric it takes to wrap around the length of your laptop. Add 1.5 inches for seam allowances and wiggle room. For me, that was 31.5 inches. So you'll go ahead and cut out a 31.5 inch by 11 inch rectangle from both your exterior and lining fabrics. 

Now for the tap. Cut two 4 by 6 inch rectangles of your lining fabric.

Don't forget about your velcro. You'll need a 3 inch strip.

On to sewing...

We'll start by attaching the velcro. Grab one of your tab rectangles. Center your velcro 1.5 inches down and sew. Use white thread to hid the stitches in the velcro. 

Then, you'll want to place your velcro on your exterior fabric. Center your velcro 2.5 inches down on the exterior fabric and sew. Again, use white thread to hide the stitches. 

Place the tab rectangles right sides together and pin. Sew three sides using a presser foot seam allowance. Don't sew the bottom. Clip your corners and turn inside out. Press well. Using a coordinating thread, top stitch the three sides a close to the edge as possible.

Now, place your exterior and lining fabrics right sides together, with the exterior fabric on bottom . You'll be sewing the top and bottom seams {the short sides}. 

But first, you'll want to insert your tab. Arrange your fabrics so the velcro on the exterior fabric is on the bottom. Then, insert the tab on the top side, between the exterior and lining fabrics. You'll want the velcro side of the tab facing up. You'll cover that up with the lining fabric, leaving about 1/2 inch of the tab pointing out. 

Pin both the top and the bottom well. Sew both sides using a presser foot seam allowance. When you go over the tab, sew back and forth a couple of times. This will reinforce the tab. 

Flip your tube right side out. Press your newly created seams well. Then top stitch close to the edges. 

Now, slip your padding into the tube you've created.

You're going to use the double fold bias tape to finish your side seams. Cut two pieces of bias tape about an inch longer than your side {for me, this was 12 inches}. 

Looking at your bias tape, one side of the fold should be slightly wider than the other. That's the bottom. Open that side up and line of the edge of the bias tape with the edge of one edge's bottom side of your laptop case, right sides together. You'll want to leave about 1/2 inch overhang at the beginning {the bottom of the laptop case}. Pin well. You should also be leaving about 1/2 inch overhang of bias tape at the end.

Sew along the crease in the bias tape.

Now, you're going to attach the bias tape to the top of the case. Fold the overhang at the bottom of the case in, encasing the raw edge of the bottom of the case. Then, fold the bias tape over the edge to the top of the case. 

You can pin this part. For me, its much easier just to sew very slowly and adjust as I go. Make sure you fold in the overhang of bias tape at the top as well.

Repeat for the other side and you're all set!

Now my laptop is ready to head to work in style!

I actually made this case more than a year ago. Bad DIY blogger! But, I can report that it's held up beautifully and my laptop is as safe and cute as ever!


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