Dancing Ribbon Rings Tutorial

I first shared this fun 30 minute craft tutorial over at The Ribbon Retreat. The provided me with the materials in exchange for this tutorial. Check out my disclosure page if you have any questions!

Little Miss has really gotten into singing and dancing lately. Her songs go a little something like "sing....song....sing a sing sing.....song." I can't handle the cuteness and hilariousness of it all. She also busts a move to nearly any song that comes on.

In an attempt to build up her opportunities for imaginative play, I've been looking for toys that foster creative play {and don't have batteries!}. These Dancing Ribbon Rings fit that bill. They are great for promoting imaginative play, movement, and altogether silliness {my favorite!}.

These great little Dancing Ribbon Rings couldn't be easier to make. You'll need:

Plastic or wooden rings {mine are shower curtain rings for $1.19 at Target}
Variety of ribbon {I used Grosgrain 5/8" in Ocean Blue, 1/4" in White, and 3/8" in Tutti Frutti, and TRR Chevron 7/8" in Apple Green and Pink)
Hot glue/glue gun
Something to seal the ribbons {lighter, fray check, heat tool}

Start out by wrapping your rings in ribbon. Secure the ribbon at the beginning and end using a dab of hot glue.

Then, cut three different colors of ribbon per ribbon ring. You'll want them to be between 2 and 3 feet long. I cut a notch for a nice extra touch. You'll want to use your sealing method of choice on each ribbon end to prevent fraying.

Knot your ribbon at the middle to your ring. I think three ribbons of various lengths and thicknesses per ring is a good look. Feel free to add more or less!

Hand them off to your tiny dancer and watch the crazy moves! It's that simple!

These can be made in a huge variety of colors and sizes for a whole host of needs. I'm already thinking they would make great party favors! They are also perfect for Easter baskets!

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