Poinsettia Wrapping Tutorial

Here's another post I shared over at The Grant Life!

As I said last week, Pinterest can be my best friend and worst enemy. There are so many beautiful wrapping ideas out there. Many of them are time consuming or require tons of supplies {not to mention money}. I like being able to make presents look pretty so I am always on the lookout for simple and stash busting wrapping ideas.

To make this easy poinsettia "bow" all you need is some scraps of red and green felt, hot glue, and something to use as the center {you could use sequins, little pom poms, or felt}.

To make my poinsettia, I used this template. I cut out one of each size from the second page. I kind of winged the leaves. Then, I hot glued the two poinsettia pieces together and the leaves to the back. Quick and simple! I used hot glue to adhere the poinsettia to the kraft paper wrapped present.

Get these cool, chalkboard inspired gift tags here.

Need more wrapping ideas? In addition to the wrapping ideas I shared last week, I am loving these five ideas!

Lisa at ellinee shared how to make these adorable paper bows. She even included three different colors of chevron paper for you to download.

Jan over at Daisy Jane has these great pillow boxes with matching gift tags as a free download. She also provides an easy to follow tutorial.

Bonnie from Coming Home to Roost shared this great faux chalkboard wrapping idea. You can use a regular old white colored pencil to get this awesome look!

Katrina at Splash of Something has a great way for kids to get involved in the wrapping process. What grandparent wouldn't love a string of lights made by their grandchildren!

The Party Studio Blog shared this cute lunch sack wrapping idea. I think this is perfect for packaging cookies for neighbors and coworkers. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season filled with peace, family, and joy. 

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