Yo-Yo Pattern Weight Tutorials {or changing my sewing life}

This post was originally shared at The Ribbon Retreat. I was provided the fabric in exchange for my tutorial. See my disclosure page if you have any questions.

Every once and awhile I come across a sewing tip, trick, or tool and wonder how I ever sewed without it. Pinking sheers! I mean how crazy was I for sewing without them for years! Pattern weights are defiantly on this list.

Pattern weights eliminate the time consuming practice pinning pattern pieces to your fabric before cutting. They make cutting with a rotary cutter a breeze. I've cut out a couple of patterns since these little gems came into my life and my mind has been blown!

You won't believe how affordable and easy pattern weights are to make. You'll need to pick up 5/8in washers from the hardware store. Mine were 44 cents a piece. You'll need 2 per pattern weight. Affordable and incredibly helpful...that's my kind of project!

So, to make 5 pattern weights, you'll need:
10 5/8in washers from the hardware store
3 fat quarters of coordinating fabric (I used Turquoise Raindrops, Natural Raindrops, and Navy Springtime Flowers all from April Showers by Moda)
Hand sewing needle and thread
3/4 inch covered button kit
Hot glue gun/glue

Start out by taping your washers together, two by two. This will keep them from wiggling around inside your pattern weight. Washi tape or painters tape work great for this.

Next, cut out five 4 inch circles from your fabric. I used a mug to trace. Vary what fabric you use. I made two circles of the first two prints and one circle of the final print.

To make the Yo Yo, you'll run a loose gathering stitch {by hand} about 1/4 inch from the edge of the entire circle. Double thread your needle and knot the end before you start sewing.

When you get back to the start, gently pull the threads until a cup forms.

Slip your taped together washers into the pocket.

Gather the thread tightly to close your Yo Yo. Knot off the thread and trim your thread ends. Repeat till you've finished all five Yo Yos.

Now, follow the directions on your covered button kit to make the five covered buttons.

Hot glue a coordinating button on top of your. Be generous with your hot glue, making sure you get all the loose ends of the fabric covered by a button.

Repeat for the rest of your pattern weights.

Then, go forth and have your sewing life forever changed!

Happy Pattern Cutting!

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