Ribbon Medallion Tutorial {or decorating another wreath}

It's Michaela from Covered in Mod Podge again. I'm here to share a tutorial on how to make a fun little Ribbon Medallion.

I rarely decorate for holidays or seasons {Christmas aside}. So to keep some changing decor in my life, I try to change out the wreath on my front do every month. Sometimes I make a new wreath and others I recycle ones form the past.

For May's wreath, I decided to make something new. I wanted a lot of texture, so I used ribbon, felt, and fabric and went to town making different kinds of flowers.

My favorite part of this wreath are defiantly the ribbon medallions. This fun hounds tooth ribbon was very affordable at Joann's.

Want to make your own medallions? 

You'll need:
1/2 yard of ribbon
Hot glue/gun

Start out by threading your needle with a double thickness of thread, knotting the end. Run a gathering stitch along one edge of your ribbon. You'll want your stitches spaced out about 1/2 inch. Don't knot when you get to the end.

Pull your thread to start to gather the ribbon. This will help the next step.

Starting from the end where you ended your stitches, accordion fold your ribbon. You'll want to keep pulling your thread tighter as you pleat the ribbon into accordion folds.

Keep pleating until you reach the beginning of the ribbon. Keeping your thread pulled tight and your ribbon stacked, triple knot the end of the thread right up against the stack.

Let go and your little stack should fill out into the medallion shape.

For finishing off your loose ends, there's two ways to go. You could always hand stitch the ends together. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll want to quick and painless way. Run a strip of hot glue down one end of the ribbon. Carefully line up the other edge and gently press together. Keep pressing until the glue cools a bit.

The sky is really the limit with these little guys. You can add buttons or jewels to embellish the centers. I made a fabric yo-yo to jazz up one of my medallions. I left the other one naked {hehehe...naked}. These would make great bows for presents, look awesome on hair clips or head bands, or be the perfect touch for your summer wreath.

Do you decorate for every season? What's your favorite to decorate for?

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