Bow Clutch {or presents for a friend}

A couple of months ago, I got the itch to make a purse. Since I'm knee deep in purses {and only ever carry my diaper bag these days}, I got my best friend involved.

She settled on this cute little clutch that Whitney at Elm Street Life was kind enough to share a tutorial for. I quickly ran out and bought a fun burlap like fabric, some muslin for the lining, and a red zipper {per Liz's request}.

And then it sat in my stash. My research class decided to be way more work than it ever should have been. I all the sudden had a bunch of baby presents to make. And it just sat. And Liz was sweet enough to never nag me about it.

Well, the time has come. It's done, wrapped, addressed, and waiting to go to its new home.

The tutorial Whitney put together was wonderful. It was easy to follow and produced a great little clutch for date night.

I am terrible with zippers. They scare me. I hate them. They hate me. This one opens and closes, so I'm going to go ahead and call it a victory. It's a bit sticky, but I don't have to use it! ;)

I think I'll make more bags using this tutorial. It was really quick sew {like an hr and a half} for the kind of bag you get. However, If I use something as stiff {this fabric is like burlap and home decor weight fabric had a baby} I won't use interfacing. It was a beast to turn. I think that using quilting cotton and interfacing would have been a better plan. Even duck cloth might have been ok. But home decor would have been a bit of a pain, too.

Apparently, you can't ever give an empty purse of wallet. My mom was adement about this. So when I was at Target the other day I picked up these little cuties on 75% off clearance. I was sad they didn't have a set in my size!

Some scrap fabric and ribbon and it's ready to go. Gotta love destashing as wrapping!

Come party with me!


  1. Super, Duper CUTE! I think I might have to try this tutorial. I LOVE it!!!

  2. This might be the problem with me keeping up with your blog, I ruined my own surprise. :P

    I LOVE the clutch and the rings are a great! They're definitely my colors. I'll be sitting by the mailbox all week, forget going to work.

  3. I came across that tutorial and have cut my clutch pieces but haven't sewn it yet. Super cute! Hope mine turns out that well!

  4. I love making things for friends and often post pictures of them on my blog before they get 'em. I'm terrible at waiting!

    I totally love the clutch! fabric choice was fabulous. can't wait to see more of your blog! I just found ya via Shwin&Shwin's linky party.

  5. Hi Michaela! I came by from Suuthern Lovely to check out your LOVely purse. Your choice of fabric is great. I love the stripped burlap. Where did you get it? I wish I could say would make this but I cannot sew :( Wish I could, tho, cause I would make this in a heart beat. I even took a sewing class before and still don't know how. I will just adore yours, tho! :)