Paint Chip Coaster {or hiding from teething and diaper rash}

Little miss (all fourteen weeks of her) is teething. Apparently my family are a bunch overachievers when it comes to teething. We teeth early and we teeth like little terrors. We were just starting to get some sleep and a regular routine down when little miss turned into a drooling, gumming, screaming mess. Particuarlly wonderful is her desire to be held, chest to chest, while standing up AND ONLY STANDING UP. 

So instead of sleeping or working on homework during one of her infrequent naps, I decided to bust out the Mod Podge and go to town on some tile. Oh, the things I do to stay sane! I happened across this tutorial at Itsy Bisty Paper just before hubby, little miss and I set out for a thrift store/ Habitat for Humanity ReStore adventure. I snagged some white bathroom tiles for only five cents each. SCORE!

So, I turned some drab, white titles into these cheery little guys. 
(Sorry for the iPhone pic. Hubby stole my camera for work and then misplaced the battery.)

I plan on giving them as a housewarming present for a dear friend.

Oh how I love what paint chips can do!

Here's where I'm partying at:

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I {Heart} Nap Time


  1. These look Great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing.

  2. these look great.