How to Incorporate Giving into Your Next Party {with Evite}

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I love the idea of using a momentous occasion to raise awareness, share a passion, and benefit others. I've gone to weddings where instead of presents the bride and groom ask for donations to their favorite charities. I've hosted a kiddo birthday where instead of presents, we asked for school supplies.

Many time wonderful celebrations lead to the collection of more stuff...and I'm always fighting the more stuff battle. I love the idea of being able to ask friends to consider donating instead of a present. I think it helps share a piece of who you are with your guests. Evite is making it even easier to engage your guests for good by allowing them to donate to a cause of your choice, right from the Evite!

Evite Donations just celebrating raising over $1 million for charities that its users love. They're hoping to raise another $1 million this holiday season alone!

Wondering how to incorporate giving into upcoming parties? I've got some fun ideas!

Is your kiddo in love with pets? Why not throw them a Pet Adoption Party! Kiddos get to adopt their very own {faux} furry friend. In leu of gifts, ask guests to donate to the SPCA, or a local shelter. You can do this right on the Evite itself!

Throwing a Friendgiving this year? Invite your friends to donate to a local food pantry so that others can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

Do you host a Christmas Cookie Exchange each year? In addition to bringing along all their best cookie recipes, use the party as a chance to collect donations for a local woman's shelter.

Do you want to incorporate a giving option into your next party. Below is how you add the chance to give directly to your Evite!

Have you thrown a party with a purpose? How did you engage others to give?

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