Halloween Puppy Chow at The Grant Life

Hi friends! I'm over at The Grant Life today sharing a delicious recipe for Halloween Puppy Chow. My husband has already told me I can't make it again for a long time. He said that while munching on far more than his fair share of this delicious treat. In husband speak, that means it's a real winner!


Abby Cadabby Style Wand Tutorial at The Grant Life

Hey friends! I'm over at The Grant Life today sharing an Abby Cadabby Style Fairy Wand. My little miss is just in love with Abby Cadabby and this wand! It's so easy to make. Come check out the tutorial!



My Just Between Friends Fall/Winter Sale Deals {or I really do lovethis sale!}

Last Saturday was my twice a year adventure in massive bargain hunting. I really do love shopping at Just Between Friends Fort Worth. It's the largest sale of its kind in Texas, which is saying something. So, it can be overwhelming. I defiantly feel like I have to be mentally prepared and have a plan. Once I have a list and some coffee, I am thrilled to go out bargain hunting!

I just can't stand how good the deals are! I was able to score an entire winter wardrobe for my daughter (minus a coat...last year's still fits), a pair of brand new sparkly Toms knock offs, and some dress up gear all for $83! You read that right! $83 tinny ones!

So here's this year's run down. I got:
9 long sleeved shirts (three Gap, two Old Navy, one Carter's, one Cherokee, one Circo, and one Oshkosh B'gosh)
2 pairs of jeans (one Gap, one Old Navy)
2 long sleeved play dresses (one Gap, one Carter's with matching leggings)
1 pair of leggings that look like skinny grey chinos (Oshkosh B'gosh)
1 pair Carter's footed PJs
1 ADORABLE lime green polka dot cardigan (Circo)
A big old bag of play jewelry
A tutu
A train conductor hat
A pair of fairy wings
Brand new Grey sequined Circo brand Toms knock offs 
And the grand score...A Cinderella dress with matching new in box shoes and crown (for only $6!)

I anticipate having to pick up a pair of leggings or two, I will make her Christmas dress, and I may (who are we kidding...will) eventually succumb to some cute top on a whim at Target. Other than that, my little one is set for winter. Plus the dress up items are going to be a Christmas present. Winner! 

I am thrilled with my scores this go around. I think it's my best trip to JBF yet! 

Have any of you gone to the half price sales at JBF? I have yet to brave one. I'm worried that all the great stuff will have already been picked over. I would love to hear your experiences!


Please Excuse the Mess

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend. 

I'm currently attempting to update the blog. There have been some hiccups along the way. So please excuse the mess, broken links, and all together silliness of the blog for the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll get my act together soon!