How to DIY a $3 Photo Booth Backdrop {with an Evite Photo Booth Review}

This post is sponsored by Evite® as apart of their Evite Influencer Program. I was provided with a free download for the Evite Photo Both App in order to review it and provide my honest feedback. All content and opinions are my own.

I am a big fan of cheap, easy party decorations and entertainment. Because of this, I absolutely love the photo booth idea. You can make a backdrop for $3, add props from around the house {or make a few to fit the theme}, and then use Evite's new app Evite Photo Booth to capture cute, photo strip pictures. Print them out and you have fun favors and adorable ways to remember who you celebrated with.

First, let's start with the $3 backdrop {it can even be $2 if you have masking tape}.

Gathering your supplies requires a trip to the Dollar Store. If you're anything like me when planing a party, you'll be headed there anyway.

You'll need:
Crepe paper in two different colors {$2}
Masking tape {$1}
That's it!

First things first. Get yourself a cute "helper" who will try to destroy everything you do.

Find a blank wall with good light that needs a little festive something something. Now, figure out how big you want your backdrop to be. Mine came out to 4 feet wide by about 5 feet tall. I made the top of the backdrop about 6 feet high so that it would work well for adults {we're not the tallest bunch} and the early elementary set. You'll need to adjust this based on who is going to be using the photo booth.

Then, rip off two 3 inch pieces of masking tape. Now, cut a piece as long as you want your backdrop wide. I did my about 4 feet. Use the two smaller pieces to secure your long strip STICKY SIDE UP. You'll want to secure the strip where you want your backdrop to start. Do the same thing where you want the backdrop to end.

Start layering crepe paper strips, overlapping, in alternating colors. You'll stick them down at both the top and bottom. 

When you've finished filling out your tape line, trim the tops and bottoms of the crepe paper pieces. 

Now tape down the top and bottom, taping over your original piece. This adds support for the weight of the crepe paper. Add another piece of sticky side up tape to both the top and bottom. 

Cover these strips of tape with a strip of crepe paper, making a frame.

Add props, cute kids, and your iPad loaded with the Evite Photo Booth App and you're set!

The Evite Photo Booth App makes taking photo booth pictures so easy. You can pick from different photo frames based on the type of party. You can also decide how many pictures you want on a photo strip. 

When taking the pictures, there's a visual countdown so the photographer {or the selfie takers} know when to change poses. All the strips are saved to the app and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email and saved to the camera roll. You can also easily print the pictures with AirPrint.

The app was easy to use and very entertaining to my five year old. I see kids and kids at heart both having a blast coming up with goofy poses. I do suggest you set up a tripod {or a table with an iPad stand} to steady the photos. And you are limited based on the quality of iPad pictures. Mine were taken on a bought the day after they came out iPad 2. It's photo quality isn't that great. But with a newer iPad with a better camera these photo strips would look great!

What's your favorite thing to incorporate into parties? Food stations? Photo booths? A themed gift? I'd love to hear your ideas!



All About My Teacher Printable

We have been so lucky with our kids. We have had nothing but fantastic teachers. I seriously want one of Emma's past nursery room workers to be her grandma. And both Emma's and Wesley's teachers have done nothing but love on my kiddos and our family.

In turn, I want to love on them too. Those super fun school activities like Trick or Treating or Story Character Parade? The teachers love them. And they also exhaust the living daylights out of them. So I attempt to remember to bring a nice, big cup of something caffeinated on the morning of events. It's just a little something to say thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sometime near the beginning of school, but after the craziness of the first few weeks clams down, I've started sending home a get to know you sheet for the teacher. That way I know what to pick up from the Sonic window when I'm getting my own take on the day juice. I made this printable last year and just printed it out to send to Kindergarten. It lets me know where to get gift cards to at Christmas time and what candy to send along just as a surprise. Don't get me wrong...I'm not doing this weekly. I just try to treat the teachers to a little something special from time to time. And I would much rather pick up Starbucks than do something cutesy. So. Much. Easier.

Download your free printable here. For personal use only. If you share, please credit me. Thanks!