How to Clean a Pack 'n Play {with a JBF Fort Worth giveaway}

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With our first, our Pack 'n Play was amazing. We used it as a bassinet in our room for the first couple of months. It had a great little sleeper that was prefect for our itty bitty. The diaper changer was perfect for that roughly 1,000 night time diaper changes I'm pretty sure we did that first month. This thing was more high tech than me. There was a vibrate function which we used a lot. It also plugged into your iPhone for white noise/music.

Now this bad boy runs around $150 new. Worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. But, thanks to Just Between Friends Fort Worth, We snagged ours for only $70! It was in perfect condition. It was also one of the best steals I've ever scored at a consignment sale.

Now, being a new mom, I was totally paranoid about making sure it was clean. While JBF Fort Worth sanitizes anything that cannot be wash (and won't sell things are are obviously dirty), I wanted extra assurances. I'm so glad I deep cleaned that bad boy!

The Pack 'n Play has been sitting in our garage for more than three years. With baby number two on the way, I knew it was time to put it through another deep clean. This is such an easy process that you can use on your pack 'n play that's been in storage or the new to you awesome deal you scored at a consignment sale!

Start out by pulling out all electronics. For me, that was wiring and the vibrator system.

WARNING! Some pack 'n plays have mattresses made from cardboard. I would not recommend soaking a cardboard mattress. 

Wash the newborn sleeper in your wash machine. Air dry.

Fill your tub with the hottest water possible. Add soap (I used Basic H). Dump in all your "fabric" components into the tub. Soak for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, flip everything over and give it all a good shake to dislodge any ickies. Soak for another 30 minutes.

While the main pieces are soaking, wipe down the mattress with a Clorox wipe (or other color safe, antibacterial solution). Make sure you get the top and bottom. Also, wipe down any metal bars that aren't being soaked.

After the soak, drain tub. Use your shower head to help rinse out the pieces. You might want to let them sit in the the tub for 15 minutes to let them drain well.

Head outside with your pack 'n play pieces. Assemble to allow for drying in the sun. The sun will help get out any stains that might be in the fabric. 

Make sure everything is dry before collapsing. You wouldn't want to start growing something new after all that hard work! 

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  1. I love to buy the barely (or never) used toys, but you can't beat the prices on the clothes!

    1. The toy section is wonderful. I always shop for that one special toy for my daughter's birthday or Christmas. It saves so much money!

  2. I am expecting my first child in August, so right now I am hoping to find some affordable maternity wear!!!!